Complimentary Banking Checkup

Is it time for a financial checkup?

Complimentary Banking CheckupLife is busy and ever-changing, so it’s important to periodically evaluate your financial health—including loans, investments, insurance and banking options—with a professional. If you’ve had a change in marital status, employment, health or some other major life event, it’s even more critical to evaluate your current situation.

Whether you are beginning your career, saving for your children’s college, preparing to retire or retired already, it’s important for your financial plan to be up-to-date and on target to help meet your goals.

Our professionals can help you evaluate banking accounts, loans, insurance, investment options and more.

As you think about your financial situation, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a budget? Or, are you struggling with debt? Could debt consolidation be an option? Are there loan alternatives that could save you money?
  • What are your savings and investing goals both near- and long-term? Do you have enough emergency savings?
  • Are you saving enough? For retirement? College? A home or vacation property? Charitable giving? To meet your estate planning goals?
  • Have you refinanced your mortgage in the last 18 months? Would you benefit from current interest rates?
  • Are there any investment options that can help reduce your tax burden?
  • Do you have the right types of insurance? Do you have enough health, life or other insurance to provide for your loved ones?
  • Does your savings and investing strategy reflect your risk tolerance, goals and your life stage? Are you putting aside enough and in the right vehicles?

To schedule your complimentary banking checkup, call Client Connect at 336-644-9944 or visit the office location closest to you.

Investment and insurance services are not a deposit, not FDIC-insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not guaranteed by the bank, may go down in value.

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