Mobile Banking for Businesses

Receive real-time account information or transfer funds from your cell phone or smartphone. Free for all Online Banking customers!

Web access is required to use Mobile Banking. Check with your mobile service provider for details on associated fees and charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
You must first be enrolled in traditional Online Banking.  Once this enrollment is complete go to the Services tab and select Mobile Activation. Complete the requested information and click Submit. Next you need to complete the security questions under services>mobile security maintenance.

My provider is not listed; can I still use mobile banking?
Yes, select other from the drop down box then enter your SMS address. To determine your SMS address send an e-mail to yourself from your phone, then enter everything after the @ symbol.

What is the URL I use on my phone?

Do I need Internet access on my phone to use mobile banking?

How do I know if I have Internet access on my phone?
Most cell phones made within the last 2 years have a web browser on them; please contact your provider to see if it is available on your plan.

Is there a charge to use mobile banking?
Bank of Oak Ridge does not charge for the use of mobile banking, however your mobile provider may charge for the internet usage. Please contact your provider regarding their fees.

My password does not work on my phone, why?
Your password will be different from what you use for traditional Online Banking. You must use the PIN that you chose when activating mobile banking.

Can I access mobile banking from ANY cell phone?
No. For security purposes you can only access mobile banking from the cell phones that you registered during activation.  You can add additional phones on the activation screen under ‘Add Additional Mobile Phones’.

I have registered my phone but I am still unable to access mobile banking, why?
Please make sure that you are using the correct URL on your phone, it is The mobile security questions must be set up for the activation to be complete. These questions can be found at services>mobile security questions on the traditional Internet Banking website. Bank of Oak Ridge must also have your current cell phone number on file as a cell phone number rather than a home phone number.

For more information, contact the office location closest to you, or use our online contact form.


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