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At Bank of Oak Ridge, integrity and sound judgement are what shape our lending practices, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. All Bank of Oak Ridge employees with lending authority are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). These employees are listed below with their NMLS numbers. For more information, please visit the NMLS consumer inquiry website.

Lender NMLS NumberLender NMLS Number
Tammy Barbee456688 Jason Miller943154
Cindi Beal729782 Gerardo Herrera1523095
Suzanne Benton456681 Sean Parshley522590
Violeta Cortez1318559 Bob Winborn 456669
Brittany Lansink456682 Spenser Bulmer 1717061
Sonia Torres1576323Christina Rubio1824632
Andrew Wheeler1534580Johnathon Hudson1418767
Amy Parker790891Flor Lanning1495233
Bradley Bennett 1879853Natalie Payne2192446
Jason Woods456689Monique Pressley880771


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