We are an SBA Preferred Lender

At Bank of Oak Ridge, we tailor our services to fit your needs. That’s why we provide SBA loan options for businesses like yours who may be in search of another avenue for securing a loan. The SBA recognizes us as a Preferred SBA Lender based on our successful SBA performance.


SBA loans have a big impact for…


Business Acquisitions

business_owner_working_webAre you ready to sell your business, but have no financing options to recommend to your buyer?  Or are you buying a business, but lack the funds to do so? An SBA loan may be a great choice.



Business Expansions

smallbusiness_webAre you ready to get an expansion project done, keep money in your pocket, and pay less each month? An SBA loan may be the option for you.



Debt Refinancing

floristsmallbusiness_webIt’s common to accumulate business debt, but it can be difficult to solve a company’s cash flow problems with short paybacks (48 to 60 months). If you like the idea of refinancing existing debt over 7 to 25 years, with no balloon payments, an SBA loan might be right for you.


What is an SBA Loan?

businessprofessionals_webAn SBA (Small Business Administration) loan is a loan backed by a government guarantee, providing operating companies with the ability to obtain financing in otherwise difficult financing situations. SBA loans have been most beneficial to those looking to acquire a business, expand a business or refinance debt.


How do I get started?

The most important and valuable thing you can do when looking into and applying for an SBA loan is to find the right partner. The right partner will help you navigate the process and complete the documentation quickly and easily. The right partner…

  • is an SBA Preferred Lender.
  • has the experience necessary to provide real solutions to clients,
  • has the skill necessary to structure deals well and get them closed efficiently, 
  • is a part of a bank that is trustworthy and has a history of delivering for their clients.


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