Digital Investment Advisor

Bank of Oak Ridge is proud to partner with Detalus to provide our clients with a Digital Investment Advisor. This interactive platform provides you with a simple, quick way to design a retirement portfolio that’s perfect for the life you lead.

The Digital Investment Advisor is:

  • Holistic. The customizable dashboard allows you to link and view all your financial accounts in one place.
  • Personalized. Factor in your individual goals, needs, and risk tolerance to create a portfolio tailored specifically to you.
  • Reasonable. Detalus is available with both a low annual advisory fee and minimum investment requirement, not inclusive of expenses associated with the funds in the portfolio.

Getting Started

Whether you are an expert or novice, Detalus has you covered. Simply click the link below and you will be invited by Detalus to create an account, answer a few simple questions, and receive a no-obligation review of your portfolio options.


Go to the Detalus Digital Investment Advisor Website


 Please note: By clicking the above link you will be leaving the Bank of Oak Ridge website and going to the Detalus Digital Investment Advisor website. Investment services are: Not a deposit, Not FDIC-insured, Not insured by any federal government agency, Not guaranteed by the bank, May go down in value.


Have additional questions? Click here to visit the Detalus Frequently Asked Questions page.

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