Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

What’s The Difference Between Most Jumbo Mortgages And Ours?

About $83,000

Receive Non-Jumbo Rates On Mortgage Loans From $417,000 To $500,000

At most banks, mortgage loans over $417,000 are classified as jumbo loans. But at Bank of Oak Ridge, loans up to $500,000 can still take advantage of non-jumbo financing. That means potentially lower interest rates and greater savings over the life of your loan. With a Smart Money Mortgage at Bank of Oak Ridge, you could save thousands of dollars, whether you refinance your current jumbo loan or need a new mortgage!

Refinance With Our Smart Money Mortgage

  • Choose your term – 7 to 20 years*
  • All decisions are made at Bank of Oak Ridge
  • Loans are processed faster
  • Less red tape
  • Make payments at any Bank of Oak Ridge office location
  • Competitive loan rates
  • Enjoy benefits of historically low mortgage rates

For more information, call Client Connect at 336-644-9944, use our online contact form, or stop by one of our convenient Triad office locations.

* See bank for details. Subject to credit approval.

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